37. Sutton Sabinash: Financial Guru and Entrepreneur | Create a Strong Inner Circle2 Minute Read

This week on The Relentless Life, Chance brings on accounting/finance professional and founder of Every Second Accounts, Sutton Sabinash.  He started working in the field of accounting at the age of only 17, and considers himself very fortunate to know early on exactly what it was he wanted to do with his career. In the years following, showcasing an unmatched motivation to grow, persistent dedication to becoming an expert in the field, and consistent hard work, he held titles such as Controller and Senior Accountant in his core roles, as well as CFO and Head of Finance under Every Second Accounts. Sutton has worked with companies varying from the start-up phase, to $50 million/year in sales. He has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in various sectors, such as Manufacturing, Retail, Non-Profit, Tech, among others. Sutton has exemplified leadership, consistency, and persistence in everything he has been involved in. Tune in to learn more on how to build a strong inner circle and what that inner greatness feels like. Everyone has a separate and much different opinion of what inner greatness feels like. Subscribe and tune in!

Lesson of the Episode: Start from the bottom and work your way up. So many people look to build as Sutton phrased it ‘penthouse’ without really focusing on constructing a strong foundation. A strong foundation will indefinitely support for a very long time, what ever you build on top of it. 

” You have to build a foundation first, everyone tries to build the penthouse without first building the foundation and the inner floors” ~ Sutton Sabinash

Chance Galloway

Chance Galloway is a 22-year-old author, trainer, online coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur on a relentless mission to help others be healthy, fit, and realize their vision of success.

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