How to Become a Successful Realtor and Investor | Blake Michael Cathey1 Minute Read

Episode 27 on The Relentless Life features another speaker from FGCU’s CEO club. At only 20 years old, Blake Michael Cathey is a Licensed Realtor while also owning 5 other businesses out of Naples Florida. Blake is a marketing guru and loves helping other small businesses and entrepreneurs grow their following and client base. Blake is the founder of Volcanik Marketing and uses this platform to stimulate organic growth for local and non local companies. He also is an avid speaker around the Southwest Florida region, spreading his knowledge in the real estate and marketing industries. Blake has a passion for mentoring other young entrepreneurs along with investing into start ups that he believes has a solid chance in making it past that crucial three year mark of being in business.  Join us as we have a value packed conversation about real estate, business ventures, marketing, sales, investing, and overcoming failure!

Lesson of the Episode: Find the one thing that makes you happy and pursue it everyday of your life.

” You’ve got to live a life that fulfills you, and not one that Instagram wants you to fulfill or Facebook wants you to fulfill” ~ Blake Michael Cathey

Chance Galloway

Chance Galloway is a 22-year-old author, trainer, online coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur on a relentless mission to help others be healthy, fit, and realize their vision of success.

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