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Motivation is external. Motivation is fleeting; it comes and goes. Motivation pushes people to do things. Doing what motivates us doesn’t always leave us fulfilled at the end of the day.

Inspiration is internal. It’s a feeling deep down inside someone. Inspiration is sustainable. Inspiration acts as a gravitational pull that moves people closer to their goals. Doing what inspires us leaves us fulfilled.

Look at it this way: People are often MOTIVATED by money. Nobody says their INSPIRED by money. That wouldn’t make sense. Money doesn’t inspire people with a deep down feeling and it doesn’t give someone a sense of fulfillment. Money is just a motivator for people.

So, we must stop and think: Is what I’m after motivating me or inspiring me?

Jordan Paris

Jordan Paris is a 20-year-old author, entrepreneur, trainer, blogger, podcast host, former college-athlete, and online coach showcased in Men’s Health as a beacon of light for inspiring people from all walks of life. His online coaching is sought-after by people across the globe.

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