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Get Shredded with Chance!

Men's Shred Fat

Looking for a mean and chiseled physique? Empower your mind and body by following this Phase One Shred Plan. Obliterate fat from wherever you desire while sculpting a progressively relentless mindset. This is the transformation you’ve been seeking to capture that shredded Baywatch beach bod. Now let’s lean out!

Women's Shred Fat

Can’t quite seem to shake that stubborn fat? Captivate a progressively relentless mindset as your primary focus is to melt away fat. This plan will hold you accountable to the tools provided while you establish strength to obtain your newly acquired physique. May the Shred begin!

Put on Lean Muscle Mass With Chance!

Men's Build Muscle

Do you find it difficult to push past that plateau? Struggling with gaining lean size? Chance’s Men’s Muscle Build and Master the Mind Plan will program your mind and body to work together to achieve a solid lean physique. Blast right through your plateau when you join Chance in this Muscling Building transformation!

Women's Tone Up

Looking to tone up and sculpt those curves you’ve always desired? Seeking that perfect waist to booty ratio? Chance will guide you in your transformational journey as you work toward that toned and sexy physique. Now let’s get sculpting!

A Letter from Chance

I was bullied and had no confidence

Growing up, I was bullied, lacked confidence, and had self-esteem issues. At the same time, my father lost his job, my mother suffered through lupus, and my sister was crucified for coming out as gay. In this time of adversity, I knew I had to make a change. I knew I had to take control of my life or else life would take control of me. I had to make a decision to use pain and pleasure instead of let pain and pleasure use me … so I did. I took control of my life by turning to health, fitness, and relentless intellectual growth. From the moment I made this decision, I developed a purpose and crafted the ability to shape my own destiny.

The body AND mind transformation plans I have designed for my clients will reap similar results for you when you follow them. The plan you choose will be an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity. I’m excited for you to live a healthy and fit lifestyle with me, what’s stopping you from living your best life now?

Transformations by Chance

Chance has had the opportunity to have worked with over 150 clients since he earned his Personal Training Certification with NASM. Working with people is one of his greatest passions, especially when they transform their mind and body in the process. Chance is humbled to have worked with the people he has had the opportunity in training. Chance began his training career at Florida Gulf Coast University, working for Campus Recreations. After three years with the University, Chance decided to start an online platform as well as continue one on one coaching on his own. The individuals below had put forth a serious amount of dedication and commitment to receive the transformation they did. Chance believes a Relentless Mindset will allow you to accomplish any thing you set sail toward. These individuals have experienced what it is like to endure physical and mental stress from the Relentless Transformation Plans they followed consistently. These are just a few individuals who had outstanding results in only 30-60 days!

Disclaimer of Liability

You should consult your physician or healthcare provider before partaking in any program that demands physical activity. It is imperative you receive an approval from your doctor especially if you have a pre-existing injury before participating in any form of physical activity. This fitness-based program is intended to simply provide ideas for you to incorporate in your routine. The information provided in this document is intended to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Not everything in this document is to be followed word for word. Consult a Certified Dietitian or Nutritionist to ensure you are eating the right foods. Galloway Health and Fitness claims no responsibility for any health and nutritional implications acquired from this plan. The exercise routines provided were formulated by a Certified Personal Trainer and are to be performed at your own risk. Though Galloway Health and Fitness is confident you will find our program beneficial and of great assistance to you, we are not responsible for any injury or even death. You assume all risk of injury by purchasing this plan.

Chance Galloway and Galloway Health and Fitness do not claim responsibility for any injuries or health implications during participation with any of our products or services.

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