Rani Gupta’s Journey from poor Indian girl to Fords First Female Engineer |2 Minute Read

After speaking with Mrs. Damyanti Gupta, I soon came to realize the true definition behind relentless. Damyanti, otherwise known as Rani (find out why everyone calls her Queen in her language), has exemplified an incredibly strong character over the course of her life. Originally from British India, Rani started off with no money in a town where most people were unable to make it. Rani was born in 1942 in British India and was family oriented like no other. At the age of 12 the Prime Minister came to speak to her community. He announced that they need more engineers, then going on to say “I’m speaking to you girls too”. This is the day that Rani Gupta’s life changed forever. Since the time she was 12 she was so fascinated with that word ‘Engineer’. Her parents saved every last penny they made and funded the start of Rani’s education. That wasn’t even the difficult part of her educational and young life’s journey. Rani had to overcome so many obstacles to earn the title of Fords First Female Engineer. After working at Ford for 34 years and successfully bringing her entire family to America to live a better life, Rani became a massive impact and influence on men and women (specifically) around the world. Join Rani and I on Episode 26 of The Relentless Life, to discover the true definition of Relentless and how she became who she is today. I now share a profound relationship with Rani: she has certainly served me with an incredible story and more motivation than I know what to do with. Please help me in welcoming Mrs. Rani Gupta to the show!

 *Unfortunately we experienced some technical difficulties during the recording of this episode and did not find out until the entire episode was recorded. Rani’s voice sounds clear, but Chance had an issue with his mic connection. Their is too much value packed into this episode to not post because of a static issue. We hope this doesn’t stop you from listening to Rani’s story and hearing her perspective/experience with making it through the tough times. Enjoy the show! 

Chance Galloway

Chance Galloway is a 22-year-old author, trainer, online coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur on a relentless mission to help others be healthy, fit, and realize their vision of success.

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