Ted X Speaker David Burkus explains the world of writing, reading, speaking, and podcasting2 Minute Read

This week on The Relentless Life Mr. David Burkus joins Chance to discuss the world of writing, reading, speaking, and podcasting. David is a Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and Former Business School Professor. On the topic of speaking, he has delivered speeches to Fortune 500 CEO’s and has over 2,000,000 views on his Ted Talk. David is currently working on a 4th publication, with his most recent “A Friend of a Friend” which offers his readers a new perspective on how to grow their network and build connections. His podcast (Radio Free Leader) was near 1000 episodes before he took a sabbatical to focus on writing and speaking. While regularly contributing to the Harvard Business Review, David was also named one of the World’s Top Business Thought Leaders by Thinkers50. The gentlemen share many thoughts and perspectives in the realm of becoming an affluent speaker, writer, and reader. Why write? Why read? Why start a podcast? Questions such as the following are this episodes focus. There is much to be said regarding the power of reading, impact of speaking, and thought behind podcasting. If you have ever had the thought of starting a podcast, writing your first publication, or delve into speaking, you’re going to want to hear David Burkus’ many helpful tips and advice. 

Lesson of the Episode: Have a Plan B, but attack your Plan A like your life depends on it. If you’re young and just stepping into the real world with no real responsibilities, take as many risks (within reason) as possible. We only have one shot at living the life we desire, so work today and take action!
“Everyone has an amazing idea in them , that is manifesting the world because of that place that they occupy it. ” ~ David Burkus

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Chance Galloway is a 22-year-old author, trainer, online coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur on a relentless mission to help others be healthy, fit, and realize their vision of success.

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