Jordan Paris

I'm so proud to be able to witness Chance's unbelievable development as a person, coach, and AUTHOR that only produces outstanding results. He has even challenged me to level up and step out of my comfort zone with podcasting. I knew I wanted him on the show, and I'm so glad I reached out to him to extend the invitation because I don't know if I could have taken the leap of faith without him (I'm shy sometimes!). Further, the rate at which he produces outstanding results in his life, for his clients, and for the people around him is prolific. In a world of inconsistent people, Chance is a refreshing breeze of relentless consistency; you can count on him.


Meal plans are often hit and miss, they give you the tools to lose weight, but leave the motivation up to you. Gallowayfitness has not only given me the tools to lose weight, but has prescribed me with heavy doses of motivation in and out of the gym. Chance is invested in your success not for his own personal gain, but truly for his clients and their fitness goals.

Miller Quinones


Exercise Science Student

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Working with Chance has definitely been one of the better decisions I have made in order to achieve my fitness goals. I found myself stuck where I was but once I started training with Chance, his expertise and enthusiasm helped push me into another level of fitness. Thanks to him I have lost weight, gained muscle, and learned how to maintain it. Thank you Chance!

Joseph Cerny



Brad Young
Working with Chance as my trainer has been an amazing experience, his expertise in building up the human body and working with people is truly second to none. He makes foolproof fitness plans-- finely tuned to each of his clients that will not just change your body, but, change the way you look at fitness. However, what really makes working with him unique is his mindset and his dedication to helping others grow and learn.
I know he has other clients, but he truly dedicated his time into making sure I understood what the plan was trying to accomplish and performing each exercise the correct way. He really cared about me accomplishing my fitness goal, he wanted me to become the best version of myself just as bad as I did. Chance truly cares about each of his clients reaching their individual goals, and he will make sure that you do. I would recommend Chance to anyone looking to change their life for the positive. 

Chance has changed my life for the better! Chance pushed me to always do better and to never give up. Every time I showed for a session, he was prompt and ready to put me to work. He is extremely motivating and wrote me a workout plan along with a meal plan which got me back into shape. He is by far the best trainer I have ever had and I cannot thank him enough for the extra work he put into my personal fitness goals.

Daniel Dalene




Chance will provide you with the information you need to change your life. Not only does he provide  workout plans and nutritional diets, but he also provides the motivation and encouragement you might need to go along with them. Chance want's to see you succeed just as much as he wants to succeed himself! I became a client of his through a one month challenge program that he designed and the results were amazing! If your looking for a genuine guy who wants you to succeed, Chance is your guy!

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You should consult your physician or healthcare provider before partaking in any program that demands physical activity. It is imperative you receive an approval from your doctor especially if you have a pre-existing injury before participating in any form of physical activity. This fitness-based program is intended to simply provide ideas for you to incorporate in your routine. The information provided in this document is intended to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. Not everything in this document is to be followed word for word. Consult a Certified Dietitian or Nutritionist to ensure you are eating the right foods. Galloway Health and Fitness claims no responsibility for any health and nutritional implications acquired from this plan. The exercise routines provided were formulated by a Certified Personal Trainer and are to be performed at your own risk. Though Galloway Health and Fitness is confident you will find our program beneficial and of great assistance to you, we are not responsible for any injury or even death. You assume all risk of injury by purchasing this plan.

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