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I recently shared a deep conversation with one of my classmates about Lions Mane Mushroom and the many health benefits it offers. Before discussing this with my classmate, I had never heard of a Lions Mane mushroom before. I have eaten Portobello and White Mushrooms (Which I am a big fan of), but never Lions Mane Mushroom. Lions Mane Mushroom was originally used in ancient Chinese medicine practices. It was viewed as a very prestigious plant which was used to treat people with detrimental diseases. There are many different kinds of mushrooms that have some pretty unique qualities. Did you know that mushrooms actually maintain their own health by secreting a specific enzyme that allows them to break apart simple molecules into smaller nutrients. Due to this very unique quality that mushrooms possess, they are rich in bio-active compounds and generally very rich with essential vitamins and minerals. When I discovered this, I immediately began to look at mushrooms differently. According to, Lions Mane Mushroom has over 70 of these bio-active compounds. They are so rich with these bio-active compounds and essential minerals that they can’t be passed up. Thanks to these bio-active compounds and essential vitamins and minerals, Lions Mane Mushroom has many health benefits. There have been outside studies done on the following, and they are still ongoing to prove this mushrooms health benefits. Many studies have shown that Lions Mane Mushroom is great for increased cognitive function, especially in adults. discusses the same health benefits of Lions Mane Mushroom. According to the site above, Lions Mane Mushroom has been linked to an increased amount of NGF (Neuron Growth Factor) in the brain. This is what initiates nerve cell growth in the brain. The more brain cells we have, the more likely we are to have a high cognitive functioning brain. If this is true, I am all about ordering Lions Mane Mushroom. It is generally taken as a supplement and can be found anywhere online. Other studies have shown that consuming Lions Mane Mushroom lowers your risk of getting Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer, and Dementia. As you can see, these 3 disabilities are all diseases that severely affect the brain. If Lions Mane Mushroom can prevent or lower the risk of diseases such as these 3, then that would lead me to believe they definitely have a positive impact on our overall brain health. Check out the links below for further information on Lions Mane Mushroom and the many health benefits they offer. I Hope everyone begins to not only look at Mushrooms differently but their own health in a different respect as well!


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