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I wake up everyday for one reason. That reason drives me to take on the day full force and not back down to anything in my way. I have a vision that has the potential to change the world. I believe everyone has something inside of them that can change the world. You must dig deep and discover your WHY because if you don’t, you will aimlessly go through life with no acquired meaning. There is no way to achieve fulfillment or eternal happiness without a WHY. Once you find your WHY, your purpose, your drive, you will forever live your life working to fulfill that WHY. We all have a WHY, it is up to each and everyone of us to act upon and live for our WHY!

Someone with motivation gets stuff done, someone with drive is unstoppable. You see there are people who believe motivation and drive are the same thing. I am here to tell you that motivation is simply an emotion, it comes and goes. Where as drive allows an individual to push past limits they never realized were even there. Do things that will allow you to discover your WHY and from this your drive will be created. Once you can do this, nothing will stop you from reaching your destiny!

Stay great and keep living that #RelentlessLife Friends 🙂

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Chance Galloway

Chance Galloway is a 22-year-old author, trainer, online coach, podcaster, and entrepreneur on a relentless mission to help others be healthy, fit, and realize their vision of success.

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